About Us

Pojo is an IIT Madras Rural Technology and Business Incubator incubated company. Pojo is a leading web solution provider of India. based at, Chennai. POJO is providing web solutions and business solutions via cloud computing .

Our speciality implementing virtual servers and solutions for companies worldwide. Presently we are offering following services to our customer,

Educational Software, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Designing, Financial Platform, etc.

Our Team

Srini Veerasakthi


Srini is the founder of Pojo. He is a natural-born entrepreneur specializing in IT consultation and project management. As a CEO of Pojo Software Pvt. Ltd, he has gained invaluable leadership and organizational skills & has pioneered a peer-learning Edu-tech concept called the “NeedBook.”, which is being used in several schools. With his enriching experience at Oracle and other huge corporations in the United States, he brings enormous technological expertise.

Sriram Balasubramaniam

Honorary Member

Sriram is passionate about creating and building anything using technology that makes people’s life easy. A Value-Investor turned Trend-Investor, Sriram has perfected the WIBE algorithm and continues to refine over several market conditions. The sole objective is to leverage technology to consistently achieve profitable trades with minimal time spent on analysis. He has an academic background in marine engineering & a business certification from the IMD Business school. He has led teams as a marine engineer and headed business development activities for large corporations. His passion for investing led him to create WIBE a platform that makes stock trading easy.

Navaneetha Krishnan

Software Engineer & Database Management

Navaneethan is our go-to expert for database, server management, front-end & UI/UX designs. As a software engineer, he is proficient in programming languages like, but not limited to Java, Python, and Django. He is our central pillar for all communications and coordination.



Ms.Vaidehi is a Research Scholar and a Ex Asst. Prof. She works with the team and co-ordinate course development for Needbook.